Transcodium Releases New Web Version of WirePurse

Trancsoduim released TNS WirePurse’s another web version of the wallet of its web app which gives Android users access to their digital wallets online.

Transcodium hopes to expand with a new version looking at the success of the WirePurse app Launch in March this year. With the release of wirePurse, amazing comments from @PepN_Stock_Footage – Telegram such as” Wirepurse is God sent compared to MEW, Well done to all involved with it,” shows that App has indeed been of great help to Android users.

Nevertheless, the company will give out an airdrop for all users of WirePurse on September 10. The features of the new WirePurse includes Anti-Phishing code, User protection from phishing, Real-time asset prices in 170+ fiat currencies, Ethereum ENS support address. Every user will receive an ethereum address from wirepurse.eth ethereum name service.

Adding to the features the blog stated;

WirePurse’s new web version and airdrop strategy give this new app a chance to become one of the top choices when it comes to storing crypto assets in the near future”. Both the internal and in-app security aspects of the Android app has taken care of by WirePurse.

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