Loom Network Offers Rewards to Its DApps Developers.

Loom network, a blockchain-based platform designed with large-scale social apps and games in mind is launching rewards and bounties for its DApps developers.

In an announcement made by the Network on September 24, the Network had just kicked off a campaign to onboard more dapp developers since the system is live with devoted validators, the focus has been channeled on adoption.

The Network will be giving away millions of locked loom tokens to a group of the community for their active participation in the network, This promotion is going to last for 6months.

The Co-founder of Loom Matthew Campbell indicated “In order to help grow our ecosystem, we want to continue rewarding our existing stakers, validators, and current and future dapp developers with LOOM tokens for doing various tasks.Loom Network has the largest lead in blockchain scalability, but instead of continuing at a steady pace, we are shifting into an even higher gear. We want to accelerate hard over the next year and beyond to increase this lead“.

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