Casa Announces Updated Version Of Its Bitcoin Node.

The Newyork-based bitcoin custodian startup Casa has announced the launch of a new updated version of its Bitcoin Full Node Casa Node 2 in a blog post published on October 8.

According to the company, Casa Node 2 is a faster smother Bitcoin Lightning experience, running with a faster processor on the Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB RAM and a 1TB SSD as well as running a BTCPayserver.

In addition to the launch of Casa Node 2, the company introduced a New Version of its NodeOS with a new design and dark mode. However, the price of the Gold Package with Casa Node 2 has increased to $399 and while old casa members maintain their price of $300.

The company indicated in the announcement that it will have a limited number of Casa Node 2 for its October and November shipment at the $300 price.

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